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Fabio - After Dark

Fabio - After Dark

Bonjouro i'm fabio, and i'm very interested in what makes romance work.

I want to share with you my recipe for a perfect evening, an evening for two lovers

When I plan a date, I want to make sure that everything is perfect for us.

Music is the most important thing to set the mood for the night.

When I play a special song,
it's very important,
because it can express what I feel so perfectly.

A song can speak for me, when i cannot put my feelings into words.

I listen to a solo, and I think of it well.
When its dark,
turn on the music, I light the candles, there is no time table for us,
for the fantasy that we will make come true.

I can be very shy when I first meet a woman,
but ill always dream of learning her secrets.

First I like to look into her eyes,
because they can tell me
what she really feels.
Theres a certain quality in a womans eyes.

They show more than her physical appearance,
they reveal her tenderness & passion.

Her inner beauty.

I love to take her,
any place where I can devote all my attention to her.
It can be the corner of a restaurant.
It could be in front of my fireplace curled up together,

or it can be a walk on the beach.
While the waves caress the shore,
and I hold her very close

I like to take a special lady to a scene of mine,
where we can hold hands in the dark
and whisper very quietly about what we see.

I wonder would she kiss me like that?
Will I always be the hero of her life?

I wish there were more romantic films,
because romantic films
can lead to beautiful adventures
after we leave the theatre.

Sometimes there is no place i'd rather be than on a tropical island.

We seem to have it all to ourselves,
just me and my special lady.

There are no folks to intrude on us.
Fish from the water,
fruits from the trees,
and wonderful sights.

The only sounds we hear are the sounds of nature,
and of our hearts beating as one.

And the only music,
is the music we make together.

One of the most important things about a woman is there sense of humor.

It's this sense of humor that breaks down our ambitions.

She can seduce me with her laughter.

The child in us comes out and were free,
to play and explore,
anything in our minds or in our hearts.

I like nothing better than to surprise my lady.
With a plane ticket, and a toothbrush, and a bikini.

My favorite destination
is the maldive islands.
Primitive, untouched, the smell of the crystal clear ocean,
the velvet of the sand,
the brilliance of the stars,
we could be on another planet.

We need no clothes,
no money,
just each other.

A long, slow dance
can be the best way to bring a woman close to me.
On my terrace, or maybe a sunset at the beach.
I always hold her so close so that I can whisper in her ear,
I embrace her, very gently
while the music carries us away.

I want to hear her say, yes!
I want to kiss her for a very, very long time.

I cant help myself, all I want to do is touch her.
Her caress is my command.

When I have to leave my special woman,
I always count the moments until I can see her again.
I have memories of our perfect time together,
and the music we share, and I smile.
Ciao bellissima