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Still Rhyming - Always With You

Still Rhyming - Always With You

[Intro] Doak 17
Wooo wooo wooo Yeahi
Yeah... Yeah...
Ah ha... Its for you shawty.
Still Rhyming!

[Verse 1] Doak 17
Its such an amazing to
meet you in my life
& knowing you're the girl
with perfect type
so now I need you to be by
my side
forever with our feelings
so high

so give a Damn to what
they may say
cause I'm with you so I'll never
this Game of Love love love
oh wooo...

[Chorus] x2
whenever your times are
against you
like you ain't want it to
but shawty you should know the truth
that I'm always with u.

[Verse 2] Rhymez
I am so glad baby, that
you are part of me,
its like I'm on a boat and
I feel so heavenly,
and you're so
happenning, I almost
gotta stuck on you,
you're my first day of
spring and what I mean
is baby look,
you know I'm into you
and now I need you're
you're my one and only,
you're my shawty,
you're my homie,
now what I need from
you is that you never
ever leave me,
I promise to be with
you and never gonna
leave you lonely.


[Chorus] x2

[verse 3] Rhymez
Aiyy, I got her real
support in everywhere I
we're made for each
other and that is what I
really suppose,
and sometimes I act
bitter but she's my
she gotta melt me
down and that is why I
love her most,
and everytime she's
close, I fall in love again,
she makes me feel I'm
special, the way I never
we play the freaky
games two lovers have
ever played,
we are the perfect two,
that works so cool and
and everytime you
should know I'm there,
whenever you're lonely
I'm always near,
so when you fall or
when you're low,
just think of me baby
just give me a call and,
and then I roll on to hold
you anytime,
treat you very well and
never act outta line,
see baby just you know
that always keep your
head high,
cause I'm always with
you girl, wipe 'em tears
never cry.

[Hook] Doak 17
your beauty is Dazzling
in my eyes & in my mind
as I sing
oh you're pearly gates angel
with your cutest hidden
so keep your head high &
as you listen to this song
just know that I'm holding you
tight cause baby I aint
never gonna leave u

[Chorus] x 2
[Conclusion] Doak 17
Yeah... Shawty, Im
always with you...

Composer & Lyricist by
'Still Rhyming'
Doak 17 [R&B]
Rhymez Disguised [Rap]