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Hoodoo Gurus - Come Anytime

Hoodoo Gurus - Come Anytime

What is it you want from me?
There isn't much I will not do
If it's only company
You know, I might need that too
Won't you
Come anytime - I'm a man of leisure
Come anytime, I await your pleasure

There's nothing new beneath the sun
We've butchered every sacred cow
Don't tell me about all the things you might have done
Just tell me what are you doing now - right now

Come anytime, I won't give you pressure
Come anytime - I can wait forever
And if you can't make up your mind
We could make it up together

Things like this happen every day
Whatever happens, it's O. K
Why be afraid when we've got it made -
I'll never ask you to explain

What is it you want from me?
You won't shock me easily
Maybe it's your heart's desire
Maybe it's your wildest dream
Maybe I'm a gun-for-hire but
Baby, don't we make quite a team, Don't we?
Don't we?
Come anytime (you're so inclined) I won't give you trouble
Come anytime (you're going blind) or you're seeing double
And I have never been the kind who'd want to
Burst your bubble
Come anytime