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K. Michelle - Dark Shades & Headphones (Freestyle)

K. Michelle - Dark Shades & Headphones (Freestyle)

I thought it was the end of my pain.
He rode on a bike in the rain.
Proposed after one serenade.
I should've been with LaLa at the game.
So them sunflowers died.
Dream hotel where I cried.
Me and you we the same nigga, it's like who's egos bigger?
I'm hearing rumors about me saying who's all in my bed.
Just cause I sent him a tweet, don't mean that he's fucking me.
I lost a fan over a man, one day I hope she'll understand.
I'm just a lonely heart looking for the perfect man.
So please don't judge me, because they judge me.
I need you to love me.
Cause I'm really beautiful.
Please don't judge me cause they always judge me.
And it got real ugly, but I'm trying to make it beautiful.
Beautiful yea...

Thought I was tough but some shit still hurts
When he fuck you and me it makes you question your worth
I just wanted somebody to love me, not judge me, come home at night and make love to me
I'm such a dummy
Cause I had that nigga but he didn't make enough money for me
Chasing a ballers dream
Ain't got no love,
Ain't got no money,
When yo son gotta eat and shit bout that funny.
I'm still trying figure out
How I graduate college but I end up stripping
Get ass out the club if you ain't try tippin
I look one day and I did it
I shitted
I shitted on everybody who said I couldn't my ex spit on me and said I wouldn't.

Bitch I'm racked up 3x
Never crying over niggas bitch I get my own check
If you see me with a nigga best believe he gt some racks
I wear Gucci
I wear Louie
Wife em' love me with his stacks
And I never told I lie
Always state the facts
I came up, yea I used to be a stripper
Yo gotti got them bands, they used to love to tip her
They say she ratchet but I'm still winning
You bitches mad
In the club going hard
Niggas say I'm disrespectful
The way I throw it back
Yea they call it disrespectful
Bitch I'm always stateing facts
Yea I do it disrespectful
Got a Molly and a mint
You bitches talking shit
I'm so out of space
What the fuck will I do next?