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Official Lil Don - F.a.m.e

Official Lil Don - F.a.m.e

Lil Don F.A.M.E
[ Verse 1 ]
I want to take a stage and be fame
I'm Lil Don and this my name
Night and day I close my eyes
I wanna see my name high in sky
I'm believe that they no impossible
By God and faith everything available
Hip hop is my life I love my time
I wanna make money this my selfsteam
Go to summit don't look to past
Cause don't remember that a fact
Thank God everyday for everything
I'm without you I am nothing

[ Verse 2]
This year will be a shine
Thing in my mind
I think about since long time
Mom and dad support me together
Bible and God with me for ever
My friends pushing me to achieve that goal
Always in a studio and a room control
Who I am without them
But I wanna one chance to know who I am
I wanna sing until a deaf can be hear
I'm Lil Don I am standing here
Yeahhhh I am Lil Don I am standing
I'm standing here .