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Playboi Carti - H2O

Playboi Carti - H2O

Ayy, nigga, he don't give a shit about (Ayy)
Young mothafuckin' Carti, bitch (Ayy, ayy)

This on my life, ayy
I don't do this often
Right hand, cook motion
Right hand, cook motion
Cigarettes and violence
Chillin' with my Tec, bruh
My nigga on that lean
Theses hoes on these beans
And they all caught that from me
Young Carti, I'm a G
Respected in the streets
Kilos from off the beach
Banana Boat, chillin' with the heat
Yo' hoe got cheeks
Sapphire theses diamonds
Chanel leggings her ass
This what I got from rhyming
Cars, clothes and cash
But that's something I been had
But that's something you don't know
Ever since I was a kid I knew that money was the move
All black wrist with the ice on it
Cut food ice, put the syrup on it
And that bitch top me off with the condom on it
She a good girl, I got a lot of money
Cold blows on these niggas
My chin like fourteen figures
My neck can't hold it either
Your cheque can't hold her either
Nigga, that's a two seater
Rollin' up that illegal
[?] feel from that litre, I'm faded
She undressin' for a impression
My suggestion is that you come towards my direction
And catch some of this lesson
Water in my glass hoe, chillin' like I should doe (Carti)
Won't catch me in the club (club), making it rain
For these broke hoes (hell no), that's a no no (hell no)
Catch me when them clouds come from [?], hoe (Ayy)
Catch me when them clouds come from [?], hoe (Bitch)
Catch me when them clouds come from [?], hoe
Bitch, all you niggas bitches

Get down, in her nightgown
She get down (Shake that ass)
Ass out, Louis pouch
Filled with loud, she hold dope (That dope)
Before we fuck we smoke (We smoke, yeah)
Relax your mind
Open your legs wide, close the bush
I'm on cloud 9 the way I hit it from behind (Ayy, ayy, ayy)