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Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana Script Of I Am Hannah Montana Here Me Croak

Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana Script Of I Am Hannah Montana Here Me Croak

Hannah: Thank you i love you too goodnight everybody!
crowd: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!!!
Hannah: You guys want more? Y'all are awesome I'll sing all night if you want lets kick it guys!
(I Got Nerve starts playing)
Jackson: You want some toast? I bet you do...
Robby: Please add some jam and butter too,
Jackson: Were out of grape so sad, it all your fault you bad dad,
Robby: You know what son?
Jackson: Yeah dad?
Robby: You got nerve!
(Miley walks out)
Robby: There she is!six ancorres The voice that wouldn't stop!
Miley:(croaky) well they were such a great aud-. they were such a great aud-. Well this isn't good!
Robby: Here, try some of this.
(pours drink)
(Miley takes a sip)
Miley:(trying to sing) Life's what you make it! Help me!
(Miley over a humidifier)
Miley: Doe Ray Mi Fa Soooo...not working
Robby: And it won't work if you keep talking. You know honey this used to happen to me all the time when I was on tour the only thing that would help is when your Mama told me not to talk for a while
Miley: I can do that!
Robby: mile.
Miley: What?
Robby: you're talking.
Miley: Dang, oh, dang!
(Cover her mouth with arm)
Robby:there you go now keep it like that or were going to have to cancel the big concert on tv Saturday.
Miley gets on couch and acts like shes zipping her lips
Jackson:thats my girl now if u need to say anything for the next couple of days just use that. Hannah Montana has never canceled a concert before and she is not about to start now.i no that would just break your heart and when your heart breaks baby sis, so does mine.
Robby:(talking for Miley)you got a hot date for the concert don't you Jerkson.
Robby:she wrote it!
Jackson: ugh i can't believe you think I'm that selfish that you'd put my own sis
Robby(interrupts):whats her name son?
Jackson:Jenni and shes a total put cork in it froggy i got a lot of ridin on this.
Robby:ah ah ah use the pad
(Miley Hits Jackson with the writing pad)
Robby:couldn't have said it better myself.
Miley and lilly are walking at the beach
Lilly:Miley i know you want to get better but sucking on those lolly pops isn't gonna do anything but rot your teeth.
Lilly:Miley release.Fine you leave me no choice ahh tickel tickel ticke.haa
Oliver:wow a week with out talking thats gotta be hard for a girl. not guys we are different. i don't need to talk. i could not to for a month wouldn't bother me. but girls just talk talk talk talk talk. hey sally nice capris oh i like your purse. Okay thats just rude.

Lilly:look i know its gonna be hard but we will be here for you the whole time no matter what
Guy:hey lilly wanna catch a few
Lilly:Oh yeah
Miley has a mad face
miley makes a motion for her to go
Oliver:you know this is nice.Just sittin here enjoyin the sun the beach thats the thing about nature that is just so quit and peace full.Its not like wat u get in the city huhh ang ang weoweo pull the vechiel over pull
(miley hitting her self)
Oliver yea drives me crazy to
Dex:hay oliver
oliver:what up dex
Dex:miley feeling better.great so maybe if ur not busy friday night we could to the movies or something
Oliver:i got this one for u .(speaking for miley) in ur dreams a ponitdexter.(tells miley)we are playing hard to get(miley hit oliver)
Oliver:ohhhch okay what she ment was movie shmovie just plant one on her right now big boy!!ohcchhhwill u make up ur mind u n we r makin dex mic signels.
Dex: okay maybe some other time