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Shaun Gambowl Walsh & The Plagiarists - Human Face

Shaun Gambowl Walsh & The Plagiarists - Human Face

She came out of nowhere as if from outer space,
I'm guessing on an asteroid that crashed into this place.
Wherever she was from she disguised it well with her human face.
I suppose in hindsight this was quite the curious case.

Looking back now I should've seen the signs,
but I just laughed off her human being requests at meal times.
I've never seen someone cry as much as when we watched E.T.
Her saucer like eyes welled up, she wrapped her elongated limbs around me.

She was a paranoid schizophrenic - socially anxious, she didn't like being seen.
She only came out at night, fancy dress parties or for hallowe'en.
So on the 31st of October we stepped out, all her three fingers in my hand.
I was just as nervous as her 'cause I had a proposal planned.

I hid the ring in her space raiders; the sun had set and the mood was right,
but then all of a sudden there flashed the brightest of bright lights.
It seemed her mission was aborted and she vanished without a trace,
she went back to the little green men dressed in black and it left a bad taste.

Now when I hear on the news about NASA's latest exploration,
my heart skips a beat; I wait with baited breath and anticipation.
But then the news filters back about no signs of life;
if only they knew all about my potential alien wife.