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Sarai - It's Official

Sarai - It's Official

It's been along time comin'
Locked in the lab wit a infra-red pen and a pad
A lot of chicks in tha game sound da same
Can't switch they style an they making me laugh

They tickle me like ha, ha, ha, it ain't that hard
Spit raw 16 bars, don't make me have to pull your card, rip it apart
Get'em shocked like they all seen God, I got'em stuck amazed
Lost in a daze cause the pen don't stop for days

4 weeks 4 years I keep it movin' driven by fears, never losin'
Playin' to win the game I'm in, making they head spin
Industry was needin' me like emphysema patients need oxygen
Cop whips off the the lots again, rockin' all spots I'm in

North, South, East, West overseas and back again
DJ's fiend for the wax to spin, some of ya'll gon' need some practicin'
Got everybody in the world sayin' damn that's Sarai on the track again

This is how it's gon' be, I've been workin' hard for this
Puttin' in all I got I'm a be a star for this
Yo pardon miss, excuse me but you got to make way
I ain't new to this, stay true to this, been doin' this since back in the day

I been puttin' in work writing, so much that my whole head start to hurt
Up so late, fall asleep hands on my face, so tell me what it's worth
It's official, I stepped on you, fell off and the don't miss you
Bomb shit like missiles, while you rip easy like wet tissues

Issues you got to deal wit, phenomenal styles is how I sealed it
Hot flows, hot beats, I know you got to feel it
I keeps it real wit everything, I do don't have to pull tha front for you
No, they can't believe they ears, how she spit the way she do, it's official

You know how much time I spent at home
Writing rhymes fiending for a microphone, like Eric B & Rakim
I had dreams to move the crowd, get everybody rockin'
One shot wit tha infra-red dot hit you right in tha pocket

Haters will try and block it but there's just no way to stop it
Go slow, fast, fiction or fact, go ahead pick your topic
When the fire ignites I hop on the flight headed to tha top
Just like rockets

I'm dedicated, finally made it, y'all don't know how long I've been waited
Mrs. Strawberry blonde wanted it bad, so you know I'm about to get it on
(Get it on)
It's been so long I've waited and I can't believe that I finally made it
It was all a dream till I dedicated my life to tha game
So, you can feel me baby