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CASH L3WIS - Monroe

CASH L3WIS - Monroe

So I call her Monroe so delicately impeccable
A natural blonde phenom but far more intellectual
A spectacle of innocence clouded by a storm
I feel imprisonment is burning at her inner core
& though I feel the need to study her a little more
I also know I need to keep my feelings in diluted form
Minimal interaction is pivotal
Due to the fact that I am naturally analytical
So I would be unwillingly forced to see the miserable force
Behind her heartache as she hides it from her physical
A critical situation she won't appreciate
Cause people always think they know whats best for them & hate
When other people try to help a couple regulate
By offering advice in a condescendingly garish way
I keep my mouth shut like I have tooth decay
Even though I wanna be her superman and save the day
But then again I don't know if she needs saving
Cause lately shes been laughing more during conversation
More complacent, no aggravation
Maybe shes handling her relationship with patience
A sticky situation Im sick of dwelling on
By expelling energy in the form of another song
But that's all I can do when Im unable to respond
When they ask me where I think Ms. Marilyn Monroe belongs
Id like to believe she would be better off if she lost
The man she was with, I should fight for her love at any cost
But Im a boss, not a home-wrecker
I should just wait until he has neglected to respect her
But as of now its not my sector so I will not call or text her
unless shes obviously applying pressure
Telekinetically telling me to advance
To sweep her off of her feet, abducting her from her man

Feels like Im drowning, I cannot breathe
I hate this feeling, but cannot leave
Is anybody out there? I cannot see
Come rescue me, please rescue me