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Babyfather - Motivation

Babyfather - Motivation

Yeah man, shout-out to all of my tugs
All of my niggas locked in, out to my tugs, yeah

Shorty fell in love with a hustler
Shorty fell in love with a G
Hunny wanna hang with the brothers
And she always down for the tease
All the hunnys on my watch
With all the niggas on my clock
You're shocked

Every time we come around
The girls wanna hang around

Drop another lyric
Cause every nigga needs a gimmick
Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick

Raise your lighters up in the sky
If you wanna ask me why

Everybody's here when I get it
But ain't nobody here when I hit it
Forget it

You're never gonna get it, boy

Uh, yeah, wot?
Lah lah, lah lah!