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Shaun Barrowes - My Turn

Shaun Barrowes - My Turn

"My Turn" Ft. Chief WaKil
Music and Lyrics by Shaun "Canon" Barrowes
Additional music and production by Nathan Hemple

Vs. 1
This will be the last time
I'll be on the sidelines
Now I've got the powers
To crush and devour

My weakness
Turns to greatness
You'll wanna see this, now

It's my turn to shout
It's my turn to let it out
It's my turn to scream
Everything I should be
This is the shot I've got to prove I belong on top
It's my turn to be
Where stars collide
Like you've never seen

I've been in the shadows
It's time all the world knows

Pre-Chorus (repeated)
Chorus (repeated)

This is prime time
New definition of grind time
'Cause I'm honestly 'bout to lose my mind
Not longer built for the sidelines
Face in the crowd to a title contender
Killin off giants to a title defender
Got to beat the man before you get to be it
Raise up the cups so they all can see it
Belief in myself - I'm not at all conceited but that's what they put in your brain
Kicking you down when they know you in pain
If I should lose I go out with a bang
Bang! Bang! can't deny me
Eyes on the prize and I feel the fire
I have arrived - call me the sire
Taking the bar and I'm raising it higher

Chorus (repeated)