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Obama never who dat
I bet you never knew that.
ENJOY THE fruits of labor plant the seeds and it grew back
fruit snacks I move that 2 weeks make 2 stacks
feline right under the fan im a cool cat

I smoked 2 blunts to the face now im 2 smacked
I don't need a safe put the money in a shoe rack
And if you shoot me I aint even gonna shoot back
Im really just amused send the goons where you snooze at

You need
new raps
you dudes whack
like overdue foodstamps
Confused that with the fact that I do trap I moved back
To new york to get my groove back but i never really lose dat

And ya boy wavy like
Underneath a durag
You niggas trying to play me
Where the fucks the nuse at
My pockets looking too fat and i ain't trying to lose that
My wallets on the couch eatin hot fudge and moose track

Ice cream
i move at a light speed
dude is a Viking
consuming lightning
I cruise in the night when the moon is the brightest
I smoke blunts to the face don't ask me to light shit

gold bricks and coke bitch
Wall Street pirates
Top knotch pilot
I'm bout to take flight quick
I live in the sky
reside where cloud ni9e is
So it's only right that I'm high on my fly shit

Sniff a line of China white
igniting all the dynamite
Now I'm feeling kinda hype
Walk toward the blinding light
You softer than some
Mike and ike's
You don't live that type of life
You the shoot a nigga type
call me when you tryna fight

It's the fruit snacks Rat Pack
You know I been had stacks
I'm chilling in the trap with 10
Racks in the backpack
And i stay smacked
facts I gotta backtrack
Lost the new snapback

Where the fuck is my hat at
I just wanna get to 21 like black jack
Bitches get backslaps then collapse in a casket
preformed black magic on a torn easter basket
Then framed Roger rabbit

I know you motivated the captivating captions
All superheroes are zeros
We unmasked them
Henny with the alize
Sipping thug passion
My bitch is in the bath
With the champagne splashin

My money turn to ashes as
Im sitting back laughing at you
Muthafuckin bastards tragic
like a muthafuckin doctor I got a lot of patients
I speak real proper a lot of you niggas hating

Perfect pronunciation
My grammar and punctuation
You ain't never gonna make it
If you lack communication
30 thousand dollars was a
7 month vacation
That was almost a year and
Niggas doing the same shit

Im rolling up another blunt cuz I ain't tryna turn it up purp rolled burn it up money straight perm it up I don't even take breaks permanently earning it haters I ain't concerned with em. U .thots I be curving em
niggas talking crazy yo tell me where that burner went dont make obama get the massacreing and the murdering chop a nigga body up then add em to the burger blend French fries cold sprite das what ima serve em wit
Suicidal thoughts subliminaly infiltrate my interior mental state the inferior and the fake debate but im gucci great 2 g's put it in the bank what the fuck is in yo dutch