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Fate Weaver - Red December

Fate Weaver - Red December

Cursed is the day when light left our eyes
when hope parted from our reality.
Fear and terror had taken their toll
before hunger and torment weakened our bodies.

Then they came like a storm,
crashing down on weak walls.
It was blade and fire that finished
what be-trayal had started
so we lost the grip
of our own fate...

''Blood and thunder
the day the tyrants marched
Blood and thunder
the day we lost our home.''

We should have chosen dignity in death,
a stand worthy of our ideals...but
at the end of our cowardice
we found a mass of graves,
the end of all we once held dear.
Chained to their dark juggernaut,
we offer the currency of the slayers of nations,
our blood and soul.

Now we the wretched slaves can only dream,
dream of the day we will redeem ourselves.

''Blood and thunder will crack the skies,
as tyrants burn and a new sun rises.''