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Shaun Barrowes - Rose

Shaun Barrowes - Rose

Vs. 1
This Rose on my shoulder
Is 20x bolder
Than love in the absence of everything new
Her thorns prick with reason
Her beauty has seasons
But her love floods the absence of everything true
Would anybody care to throw away the afternoon
Trying to figure out a way to live on the moon
In the wars of change
The smoke gets in my eyes
But so long as you stay
I'm shielded from the fires
May the world rest in peace
All the melodies I need
Are of you
Vs. 2
When rock breaks the pavement
And words kill the statement
That leads to the cities of silver and gold
Could I take 3 minutes
From sermons for winners
And pull off their blindfolds of silver and gold
They all surround themselves with waterless clouds
They string and unstring their violins but they never make a sound
Chorus (repeated)
Nothing's absolute
Everything ends
Nothing's absolute
Everything ends
Except my love
For your love
For his love

For our love
Chorus (repeated)
© 2010. Shaun Barrowes. All Rights Reserved.