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Shaun Barrowes - The Brightest

Shaun Barrowes - The Brightest

(music and lyrics by Shaun Barrowes)
Vs. 1
An empty road feels like the wrong direction
If I look back, I know I'll see rejection
If I look down, I'll only be second guessing
So I keep my sights set on you

Vs. 2
In another lifetime, I was young and full of questions
Voices of the world would always cause confusion
Little by little, I tuned out the noise to listen
To my heart that's set on the truth

I cannot fail to be
A constant driving force
Your eyes expect of me
To raise the brightest torch

Vs. 3
So much to want; so much to need, it blurs my vision
Walking on the line requires too much precision
Such great heights has always been my intention
So I sing my way to you
© 2011. Shaun Barrowes. All Right Reserved.