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Sumerlands - The Seventh Seal

Sumerlands - The Seventh Seal

I'm built in pain, forged into flames
I'm here to burn it all down
Formed from ash and coal, born without soul
Here to shake your holy ground

Hear the cries of martyrs, sound the angel's horn
Await your final judgement, your fate will soon be sworn

War and tribulation
Open the Seven Seals

Oncoming cataclysm opens an endless pit
Beware you all transgressors are now cast into it
Bringer of swarms, mad locust storms
Devoured by hungered disease
Rivers of blood, oceans now flood
Upon the planet besieged

A sea of fire
The sound of woe
Smoke from the pyre
Plagues the brimstone

A great stampede to crush the bones of all the fallen
The skies will open up in mead
And when the chosen then become one of the risen
Only then their souls shall now be freed