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Shaun Reynolds - The Way We Are

Shaun Reynolds - The Way We Are

Why do you lie beside me,
Like you don't want me in your life but can't live without me,
And I think it's pretty unlikely,
That the words on your mind are the words that inspire me,
To think about the way we are,
To think about the way we are.

Oh, thinking about the way we are,
Yeah one would think we've come so far,
But now it's suddenly becoming harder to feel you.
So now I'm switching it off,
'Cause what I gave was a lot,
And I'm not falling for the lose,
'Cause we ain't tying the knot,
And I won't care if you ask me.


You took my heart for granted,
You said that you'd always love me,
But I guess that was all a lie,
I gave you everything without nothing in return,
Except for a broken heart,
I've lived and learned and now I'm moving on.


My superstitions were so ambitious I regret the distance,
Living so far apart my three wishes your dirty dishes,
Once, twice, three time a two-timer,
Believing you was the worst thing,
But I still tried to,
I believe, I believe, I can pull through this if my mind stays clear,
I'm better than this, I've made it happen, tonight I can rest my fears,
So how you doin? You well? You feelin ok?
'Cause since then I found it,
The love that you never gave.