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Still Rhyming - Unexpressed Love

Still Rhyming - Unexpressed Love

[Intro] Doak 17
Yeah... Unexpressed
Goes out to anyone
who failed to
express their
feelings for someone
they truly loves...

[Verse 1] Rhymez
Thoughts kept
flashing & memories
kept crushing when I
gotta had to see you
for the last time,
sleepless nights with
you always on my
mind, wishing,
wanting you always
by my side,
everything is almost
can't make right
what was wrong,
f**king mirror
shows me I'm alone
so, nothing seemed
fine so, I snared up
my headphones
& I wrote this past
line now I gotta sing
this song...

[Chorus] x2 Rhymez
You know we're not
made for this
not for the excited
but now its hurting
wished I can make
all things right.

[Verse 2] Doak 17
Wherever you may
be or with whom
you are,
hope you can hear
my voice no matter
how far,
baby if thats so...
Then I just wanna
let you know,
this feelings I have
for you is what I
ain't never let it go
not even in Autumn
wind, summer heat,
Monsoon Rain or
winter snow,
its secured tightly
with me where none
can reach it (Yo...)
& it'll forever be the
same (forever be
the same)
if its for your
betterment I'm ready
to taste this pain.
[It is my na na na na
Unexpressed Love...]

[Chorus] x2

[It is my na na na na
Unexpressed Love]

[Verse 3] Doak 17
Your precious beauty
gave me a touch of
feather in my heart,
but I never imagined
it'll grow stronger to
make me hurt,
being a worse kid
who was aiming to
reach greater with
the dirt,
now, I realise your
presence was better
thats what I
wishing, we were
closer together so I
ain't feel bizzare,
with this pain & from
this matter which
my heart still
even if I'm tryna
erase it... My feelings
is still on
visualizing back the
past listening
melancholy song
& memories flying in
my ways, phase &
even in my days,
its flashing in my
face so fresh im
no...!!! None can replace
your place in my
heart in any case
you're my
Unexpressed Love
baby you're the
your smile gave me
grace when I was
down with depress
helping me to kick
back the gloom
smashing all those
but it finally turned
into memories & its
lost in Haze
leaving me alone in
my lonely world like a

[Chorus] x 4