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Da Assassin - When To Stand Up

Da Assassin - When To Stand Up

(Da Assassin)
At birth I was born with the biggest middle finger on Earth
The first time I went to stick it up the shit hurt
Moms wouldn't take it, the bitch still hates me
One day she said, "Go rake leaves," I said, "Make me!"
I'm proud to announce I was probably the first kid
Who was kicked out of his house for making fart sounds with his mouth
Arguing with me and mom was on-going
She called law enforcement when I broke the lawn mower
The slut gave me a truck when I turned sixteen
I went to start it and it screamed, "Please fix me!"
Back then, when Will Smith was still the Fresh Prince
And him and Jeff were still best friends, I guess then
I decided to cut class to rap full time
And get the fuck outta the fake school and rhyme
Anybody who thinks this fuckin attitude is a gimmick
Come and see me, see if I don't live up to this image
Break shit!

(scratched) (4x)
" hear me! You go to hell!"

(Crazy Ray)
Yo, y'all rappers have never learned
That's why I'm fuckin wit y'all
Run around telling people they can fuck wit Crazy Ray
I bring it to your high school, smoke the prom
Put your brother in an air lock, choke your mom
Cause any horror like a playoff lost in game seven
Walk around ripping on niggas madder that James Evans
My left hand's sharp it moves freestyle ultra
Slap my dick like Kool Keith
Fuck like you stole from me, and rules the streets
I don't wanna have to fuck you up, so cool cease
Crazy Ray be the chosen thug
What I spit be cold juice like a fruitful hug
Run the streets while you're stuck at home
My temper like Bushwick Bill fucker leave me the fuck alone
I've been jealous since niggas been windmillin'
These cats just started to rhyme, my pen's spillin'
And moms just told me to act, I've been wheelin'
So boy just slow your deck, I've been stealin'
I wet rappers cause it's me and Jimmy
I guess I just don't give a fuck like Jimmy
Burglarize take busts with the slugs
Come in your window and bustin' your club
Put the heat up I teach these niggaz what to suck
And my young lords, when to stand up and light the Dutch

(scratching) (4x)
" hear me! You go to hell!"

(Da Assassin)
I ended my last show with a horse swingin' a lasso
Drunked with the asshole ripped out of an old bathrobe
Cause I don't give a fuck, you better understand that
Two Zantacs I give a fuck if I sound whack
Billboard, drugs is what I kill for
I'm Happy Gilmore, you slip me anything in pill form
I'm in to mingle but I plan to stay single
Play bingo and drink, get old and watch my face wrinkle
Sike, I'm 18; two more birthdays
and I'm blowin my brains out when I'm twenty
As long as my heart beats I'ma keep trying to see
How much speed I can eat before I fall the fuck asleep
So "I'm the Rapper, and he's the DJ"
I'm the one that's got the six year old nephew screamin "F/U/C/K"
So Jeff, give me a scratch (scratched: "No!")
Y'all can kiss my ass until your lips stick to my pants

(scratched) (5x):
" hear me! You go to hell!"